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Oils, Candles, Incense, Sage, Crystals & More


Feel off track? Stressed out? Confused? Lost in life?

You can do something to change that



Do you ask Yourself the questions above?


What You should be askingYourself is

Are You truly balanced?


We find ourselves under so much stress that it becomes difficult to deal with with even the smallest situation.

Just a little awarness goes a long way.


Simply knowing if you should avoid or proceed with any situation ( love, Investments, Career, etc )

can make all the difference in Ones life.



I have been Reading/Counseling for 40 years.


I'm to the point, I do not sugarcoat things......


I will not do your reading based upon questions.

A true psychic does not need to ask questions.

(I will ask for first Name & Date of birth on phone readings only.)


I will say it like it is! 

Please don't get Me wrong,

I'm not harsh/rude in any way.

But I'am brutally honest


Precise - Detailed Readings

I offer both in-person and phone readings. 

Located in Fallon NV.


Gift Certificates Available


Call or e-mail Today (775) 423-7776

This is not a hotline.



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